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    Phototype Press is seeking images and written content for it’s first major issue of Phototype, a zine about photography, printmaking, typography and everything inbetween.

    We are looking for submissions by current students or recent graduates, in the form of essays, reviews, photos, prints & other images.

    The topic or subject for this content is up to you! 

    If you would like to submit or learn more please email phototypepress@gmail.com for more information

    Submission deadline is the 17th of August

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  2. gegthomas:

    1st proof #printmaking #intaglio #etching #art #Dunedin #photography #dsa

  3. gegthomas:

    1st intaglio print of 2014 #printmaking #intaglio #etching #art #photography #dunedin #dsa

  4. Olveston House, Dunedin

    GM Thomas 2011

  5. Statue, Signal Hill Lookout, Dunedin

    GM Thomas 2011

  6. Power Pylon, Dunedin

    GM Thomas 2011


  7. kat-ward said: Hi, just wanted to say I love your work! All the best, Kat

    Thank you very much :)

  8. The very first time I tried redscale (by loading a roll of Kodak Gold 400 upside down in a Holga) I got it very wrong; to black out the red window instead of using black pvc tape I used a white cloth tape, leading to major light leaks. I forgot to setup a system for counting how many clicks to know how if the film had far enough for the next shot. So when I got my film back I was presented with just 6 abstract images, which I was disappointed with at first because I had gotten the process wrong. Now, I don’t think I could replicate this if I tried. I love these accidental photos.

    In Simpsons terms, I pulled a Homer.

  9. Office Building, Dunedin

    Smena 8M + Fuji 400 DIY Redscale

    GM Thomas 2013/14

  10. Knox Church, Pitt St, Dunedin

    Smena 8M + Fuji 400 DIY Redscale

    GM Thomas 2013/14